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The walking Dead el videojuego

The Walking Dead Game Follows The Comic And A New Set Of Characters

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Telltale Games, makers of the Sam & Max and Back to the Future video games, are working on a video game adaption of The Walking Dead. Their title won’t follow the TV show, it’s based on the comic and introduces a new set of characters. 

The Walking Dead video game’s first episode begins when Rick is in a coma. Lee is the main character and he’s on his way to prison when the zombie apocalypse suddenly breaks out giving him a chance to escape. Lee find a young girl named Clementine who is now orphaned by the disaster and brings her with him. The two become a makeshift family, a theme Telltale plans to focus on for The Walking Dead video game.
The Walking Dead will be an episodic game with two hour long episodes. Telltale wouldn’t say which platform(s) the game will be on, but it’s "coming soon to major computer and video game systems."

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